Panic Button App

Activate Emergencies right from your phone and alert near by guards and monitoring station in real-time.
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How Does It Work?

Panic Button App 1

Imagine you are at home or the office…

Panic Button App Emergency

…Al the sudden, you see yourself in distress!

Luckly your security guards have Guarnic.

Panic Button App Security Guard

So they receive your alert in real-time

Panic Button App Surveillance Room

Surveillance room and guards see your movement

Panic Button App Fast Response

So response times are drastically reduced

I've Heard Enough! How do I Buy Guarnic?

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We are much more than “just” a panic button app

Tour System

Create powerful routes with GPS and NFC Checkpoints.

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Event Management

Guards can generate events with images and categorize them.

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Task Assignment

Assign tasks to guards and receive notifications when finished.

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